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Hi, I'm Joana Cau Albuquerque! I am the founder of Constantly Spring, which in Portuguese means Constant Spring.

I have been an Occupational Therapist since the last century. I graduated from the School of Health of Alcoitão (ESSA). I worked in different professional contexts with people with multiple disabilities, with the characteristics of disability and profound mental illness being the most prevalent, which invariably influence our behavior. I have always wondered how our brain works, what makes us do what we do, why we have certain behaviors in each situation and why we often act in a certain way when we know that this action is not the best for us! I also worked in the context of Formation giving classes at ESSA and collaborating as an internship supervisor with the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPL). I also worked at A Loja do Avô as responsible for Store and product, providing technical advice on support products and their respective integration, both for the client and for their families and the characteristics to highlight for the correct adaptation to their home itself.

In the last years I worked in another business area of A Loja do Avô and little by little I started to feel out of alignment with my life purpose, unmotivated, without goals, the only thing that in the last 2 years was going very well was my life familiar, but professionally did not even have goals for the future.

The Year of 2020, known as the Year of the Pandemic, was truly transformative for me. It was a year that allowed me to invest in my personal development at a deeper level, I did several intensive training in Coaching, namely in the MindBody Training area and I became a Master Practitioner in Mindbody Training .

This process helped me to transform my life by starting a new career that fills me and is aligned with my desire to help others.

Today I know that my mission is to help you become your best version. Helping you to connect with your inner world, to become aware of your thoughts and challenges, to plan and act in the desired direction and thus with your attitudes and actions change you and your life.

Are you ready for an improved version of yourself? If so, get in touch with me and together we clarify the path we can start.

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